Thursday, 6 March 2014

Two Wheeler Seat Cover-A Choice Which is Not So Easy To Make

There could be many instances when you Two Wheeler Seat Cover would make you repent for the callousness you have shown while selecting it. Does it hurt you bottom if you were to sit on your Two Wheeler when it is left open in the heat of sun? Do you find that you have no option but to ride on a Wet Seat Cover since it was not effective in repelling rainwater? Or, have your covers been topic of discussion among your friends for their old design and weary look? Well, these are some of the practical concerns which arise due to a poor choice that is made either out of ignorance or carelessness. This article will guide you on what all to look for in a seat cover for a two wheeler.

1.Check whether its material absorbs less heat or not. Good ones will always be the ones which do not
absorb much heat and are, therefore, cool in hot summer days. These are ideal for the Indian conditions where the summer temperatures get soaring up to 47 degrees in the plains regions of North India. You make any compromises on this score and you will surely repent for poor choice later on.

You shall also have due consideration for the sweat element. You buy those covers which lead to lesser sweating. Do ask these questions from the dealer which going for a purchase.

2. Warranty: Does the company offer warranty on its wear and tear, cracking, fraying or stitching? Good companies do offer a limited period warranty which is generally for 3 years. This ensures that the product is durable enough to resist these damages. So, if you are getting  warranty on seat covers, you can conveniently assume that the company is quite sure about its life. 

3.Environment friendliness: As a concerned person who cares for his environment, you shall be checking the materials from which these are made and whether these are environment friendly or not and whether these have been manufactured using the most environment friendly methods or not. Normally, the good Companies do inform the users of their seat cover about the extent of their environment friendliness

4.Grip: An important factor which is ignored During the Purchase of Two Wheeler Seat Covers is the grip that it will have when it is used. Good grip is pretty useful in times when the brakes have to be applied on emergent basis. This actually is a measure towards safety of your own self and good grip would lead to better control over the bike without slipping while braking on emergency basis.

5.Design: Design has to go with the colour of the bike and shall look good. This is much of a subjective choice dependent solely on the discretion of the buyer but, yes, it is an important consideration. So, Designs Which are not Good might not be bought Even if Quality is good.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

When you are on to look out for the Cheap Seat Covers

There is one thing that shall be kept in mind when you are on the look out for cheap things. This thing is that there shall not be a compromise on quality and usability of that thing for the sake of price. This is also true in case of cheap seat covers for your two wheeler. While it is true that some compromise on the brand quality might have to be done, but some of these points must be kept in mind while making a buy decision

1. Quality of material used: What is it that these covers are made of? Have the cheap seat covers suppliers made use of reliably good material in making these covers or is it that these have been seriously compromised on that front? Ascertaining the quality of material used is something which shall be the first important thing to do. It shall be made of reasonably durable material which would last for some reasonable period of time. Is the material spill proof with respect to water, oil and other materials and also, wear and tear proof or not? .

2. Does it fit well? Whether these cheap covers are fitting lose or are too tight is another consideration before making the buy decision. The best part is to check the sample right on your scooter. Sometimes, the supplier might be interested in selling off some of his unsaleable stock with trying it on scooter and giving you word-of-mouth assurances. But, it is always better to either check it for real or extract an exchange promise in case it does not fit well. However, you must make sure that the supplier has more sizes of the same cover.

3. Design and colour: Is the cover you are about to buy going well with the colour and style of your scooter or not? This factor can not be ignored since the cover is a kind of capital investment which is not likely to be replaced for some years. So, you shall take an aesthetically appealing design and colour of the cover. You can also have the choice of your family in this respect.

4. Seat cover care: Do not forget to ask what is the best way of caring for these covers. While regular dusting and wiping is a common way of caring, it is important to ascertain how frequently these shall be cleaned thoroughly and using what all materials.

These are important considerations for the satisfaction of buying a value for money product from the cheap seat cover suppliers. So, while money is an important consideration, the quality and the aesthetics are nonetheless important as well.