Thursday, 20 September 2012

Are you obsessed with your motor cycle? Try out a simple and an effective accessory – Seat Covers

There are so many people that are interested in updating the parts of their motor cycle with new engines, silencer, headlight, side mirrors, handle etc. These are a bit expensive and everyone will not be able it so easily. If you are looking for an affordable and a good option, try out a new seat cover. A comfortable seat cover adds on to the utility of the bike and also adds on the overall beauty.

There are many options available in motor cycle seat covers – leather and foam are the common ones. The leather cover enhances the look of your two-wheeler. The foam cover is very comfortable and it is also used in areas with humidity as they generally are useful in absorbing perspiration. The seats need to be covered as they need more attention in terms of protection from dirt and dust, damage, fading etc. This is mainly done once a year but looking at the huge no of benefits of using seat covers, you should not feel bad about taking out some money from your wallet!

The seat cover is not an easy decision to make. A major attribute that helps in choosing a particular type of seat cover is the durability. The way you use your two-wheeler will also influence the seat cover. The material with which the cover is made is also important. You can choose from a lot of options available that include different styles, colour, pricing options, quality etc.

Use pressure die casting to improve the performance of your products

High pressure die casting is a process that helps in making some components like toy parts, blocks of engine, levers, gears, bushings, parts used in automotive, medical equipment, aerospace etc. If you are involved in any manufacturing or using any of these products, then there are certain things related to die casting that you should be aware of. Pressure die casting melts a metal and forces it into steel dies. At the time of hardening, the metal can be moulded into any desired shape that can fit into the part it is made for.

On interesting aspect is that it eliminates the processes like welding and hence makes the part without any joints. It gives a superior and accurate dimension, smoother surfaces, and higher quantity of products / parts. Machining is only required for removing holes and flashes around the edges. It enables inserts to be cast-in, tensile strength ranging to 60 ksi, casting metal with low fluidity etc. While one of the very common disadvantages is the high investment, but once a pressure die casting tool is made, the cost of manufacturing parts in huge volume will come down. The die casting machines are provided by manufacturers that can be customized as per the users’ requirements.
The use of right lubricant is important for safety of the process. You should use water – based lubricant so that it can be treated to remove the minerals. The minerals, if not removed, can damage the surface and cause discontinuities. Although, the oil based lubricants can be easier to apply but it builds up carbon on the cavity walls of the moulds.